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Since 1953, Shelby® has been producing gloves in the U.S.A. Our firefighting gloves have been the choice of Professional and Volunteer Firefighters from around the world as we have been at the forefront of design and material development. Shelby's reputation for customer appreciation and loyalty is directly attributed to our gloves' protection, durability, fit and performance. This stems from our desire to lead the field and our commitment to the American worker.

Our mission is to continually provide superior service and consistent quality safety products which meet or exceed the customer's expectations. Adherence to this policy will ensure that we maintain a financially sound company that is recognized as a leader within the industry by our customers, suppliers and employees.


Innovation has been called the intersection of creativity and passion. We also would like to add commitment, dedication and pride. Our gloves utilize the most advanced materials developed for protective hand wear. They embody superior design elements and are manufactured by Americans to meet the demands of the U.S.A. Firefighters, renown throughout the world!

Shelby® manufacturers gloves to numerous standards, such as National Consensus Standards, State and Local standards. The user should select the glove that was designed for the intended end use. By selecting the glove for the designated end use, the user will receive optimum performance and protection levels offered by that glove. If your task is fighting wildlands fires you should select a certified wildlands glove. The same would also hold true for both structural and proximity. Shelby offers gloves in all these different categories. If your mission is to fight ARFF fires your selection should be a proximity glove, these gloves are designed to block high levels of radiant heat from the fuel source. Structural gloves do not offer the same levels of protection from radiant heat as do proximity gloves. You should take time and select the proper glove for the intended end use.

Why Shelby?


Our firefighting gloves have been at the forefront of choice for professional and volunteer firefighters all across the world.


We strive to provide superior service and consistent quality safety products which meet the high demands of extreme conditions.

Shelby Specialty Flex Tuff, Big Jake, and Xtrication gloves leaving against the front grill of a fire truck.


Shelby's industry leading reputation stems from our desire to lead the field and our commitment to the American worker.

Shelby Specialty

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First Responder using Shelby Big Jake gloves to hold a fire hose nossel.
NFPA Fire Protection
Shelby Firefighter's Gloves are independently certified to National Fire Protection Standards. See for yourself why Shelby Fire Gloves are leading the way.
Stock photo of a wrecked vehicle upside down near sunset with first responders attempting to aid the victim.
Rescue & Extrication
Rescue your hands and keep them safe while you protect those in need.